My Story

Hey fellow pet lover!

Thanks so much for checking out my website and for reading my story. My name is Angie and I share my home with Duke (Black Lab) & Gippet (Greyhound x Whippet).

As most good stories go, I created Love Laugh Pets because I love my dogs, they make me laugh with their silly antics and I wanted to capture love and laughs in my personalised pet portraits, fashion and homeware products and share them with other pet owners.

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A lockdown love story...

I have always loved designing digital artwork; I adore being creative and seeing how happy it makes my customers. Love Laugh Pets started as an idea a long time ago. But my idea was just that, an idea. I had some vague plans to bring my idea to life, but actually, life got in the way. So I spent my evenings drawing pets whilst cuddled up on the sofa with my own furry companions. 

Then lockdown had me locked down. I couldn’t work (I have a day job as a beauty therapist) and during what was a very dark time, my idea was like a little ray of hopeful light peeking through endless hours and days of restrictions. 

So, I started creating new, personalised designs for my friends and family. After all, I had time on my hands! Then late one self-isolating Saturday, I posted one of my designs onto a Facebook Group and offered a free personalised pet print to spread some love and happiness in this strange situation we had all found ourselves in.

The next morning, I woke up to countless comments and messages, I couldn't believe it! I suddenly found myself waking up with a purpose, my weeks were so busy and fulfilled with creating art and shipping orders. Ok, I’ll also admit to the odd cry (happy tears!) at reading beautiful, heart-warming messages from happy customers during what has been a difficult time for all of us.

Love Laugh Pets helps me to make you happy by creating beautiful portraits of your beloved pets. You can choose from a digital download or a print (on canvas or poster) . Just click here for more information.

I can’t wait to receive your personalised pet portrait request! If you’d also like to see the new range of fashion and homeware products on order, just have a nosy here.